More Possibilities, Easier Administration

These features are available in all editions of Abaris Multi-Vendor

Future Plans

  • Plenty of new payment methods [4.16.1]
    We are planning to add more than 20 new payment methods to our Stripe and Stripe Connect integration in Abaris and Multi-Vendor 4.16.1.

    Stripe takes into account the country and the currency of the store, so that marketplaces and single-seller stores on Abaris could offer new local payment methods, such as Sofort and Klarna, WeChat and Alipay, Przelewy24 and Afterpay, and many more.

    Stripe updates the list of available payment methods over time. Offering your customers a payment methods that they're familiar with can increase your sales.
  • New customer-friendly payment scenarios [4.16.1]
    Let customers pay for their orders in installments over time. This can make it easier for them to decide on the purchase.New payment services like Klarna and Afterpay—that we integrated through Stripe—can pay you immediately and in full. Then these services collect payments from buyers themselves.
  • Payments look more secure to buyers [4.16.1]
    Leaving credit card details at someone else's site might seem risky, especially if the customer is shopping at the site for the first time. Of course, Abaris software uses only trustworthy payment processors and never actually stores credit card data. But even though it is absolutely safe, customers might not know that.

    Тhat's why we're adding Stripe Checkout. That payment option takes buyers from your site to the Stripe page and offers them to pay through familiar payment services. Although equally safe, the latter option may seem more safe to your clients.
  • New payment scenarios for marketplaces [4.16.1]
    If the changes above look sweet, there's one more good thing about them—all these changes work with marketplaces too. And by that we mean Stripe Connect: a way for you to let customers make one payment, while that payment is split automatically between your marketplace and all the vendors involved in the order.

    So yes, your marketplace will absolutely be able to:
    • Offer new local payment methods through Stripe Checkout, including Apple Pay and Google Pay.
    • Accept payments in installments through the likes of Klarna or Afterpay.
    • Offer a checkout process that seems more secure to customers.
    • ... and split the money automatically in all those scenarios.
      • Automatic funds distribution in the mobile application
      • Abaris Multi-Vendor 5

      Previous Releases

      June 2022

      4.15.1: EU-related features and integration with

      1. Trade in accordance with the EU laws:
      2. Cookie consent pop-up
      3. Price per unit
      4. Single price and no taxes for tax-exempt customers
      5. Integration with Zapier.
      6. Import from Shopify.
      7. Improved Vendor Data Premoderation.
      8. More privileges for administrators.
      9. Simplified product import.
      10. Ability to assign an administrator to a specific storefront.
      December 2021

      4.14.1: New Vendor Panel

      1. New customizable vendor panel with simpler interface.
      2. Separate categories for multiple storefronts.
      3. Express accounts in Stripe Connect.
      4. Increased Google PageSpeed for mobile devices.
      5. More relevant email notifications for bigger vendors.
      6. Support of WebP images.
      7. New "Product Bundles" add-on.
      May 2021

      4.13.1: Workflow Improvements

      1. Delayed transfer of funds to vendors in PayPal Commerce Platform and Stripe Connect.
      2. More supported countries for PayPal Commerce Platform.
      3. Order fulfillment by marketplace.
      4. Easier management of vendor privileges.
      5. Faster approval of new vendors.
      6. Configuration wizard for new marketplaces.
      7. Improved product reviews.
      December 2020

      4.12.1: Many Improvements for Vendors and Customers

      1. Debt management and paying the marketplace in advance.
      2. Message center for discussions between vendors and admins.
      3. Vendor rating.
      4. Easier import for vendors.
      5. Easier creation of product variations.
      6. Improved product filter performance and UX.
      7. Easier configuration of shipping methods.
      8. A lot of other improvements.
      November 2019

      4.11.1: Storefront Customization and Warehouses

      1. Own look for each storefront (themes, layouts, blocks).
      2. Own payment methods, promotions, and shipping methods for each storefront.
      3. Improved vendor data premoderation.
      4. Warehouses.